Some types of blog posts are more likely to carry out much better than others. Sure, you might create an amazing piece of material that does not fall under the following classifications.

When the most effective bloggers have a tough time trying to structure their content, they employ the following methods time and time once again, to much success.

1. How to Guides and Tutorials

You can even include “how-to” in your title, which has actually been proven to increase readership.

2. Checklists, Lists

These are easy to format, easy to read, and they virtually write themselves when you know a lot about a particular topic or field.

3. Case Studies, Customer Success Stories

Social proof offers. Your readers are more likely to believe someone just like themselves, than they are a marketing message.

4. Guru Interview, Advice from Experts

You might not yet be the leading specialist in your field. You can speak with that person. Make the interview thorough, exposing something your guru has actually not shared before.

5. Lists of Valuable Resources

If you were a copywriter, and you discovered a blog post which listed the leading 123 copywriters of the 21st century, you would feel as if you came across a gold mine. Lists of valuable resources relative to your specific niche are simple to assemble, and when you make them evergreen, you have a good chance of ending up being impressive and lasting.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Your readers and prospects are asking concerns which have actually already been asked and addressed. Create a lengthy, important frequently asked questions (FAQs) post and you serve your audience well.

7. Top Takeaways From _____

This type of post is easy if you have attended a workshop or taken an online course. Make a note of the top 10, 15 or 21 important takeaways you experienced and share them in the form of a blog post.

8. Newbie’s Guides

You have most likely downloaded, bought and/or checked out novice’s guides in the past. Written on the appropriate topic, these can be evergreen in nature.

9. Additional Resource

No product and services is best. Take a very popular info service, product or course and make it better. Purchase the course, take it, and note where it is doing not have. Add the pieces that are missing out on and offer them in a totally free blog post, linking back to the information product or course for an affiliate marketing bonus.